Affiliate Marketing Online

A basic explanation of affiliate marketing online is when one company works together with another company to sell goods or services. One company fronts for the other online. We’ll call the other company the “hidden company”. The hidden company pays the front company commission for what it sells. Control is maintained by the hidden company.

A good example of this is the Pay Per Click sites. Pay per click sites proved to be bad practice and were open to lots of fraud and not really used anymore. There are still some sites around. These have given affiliate marketing online a very bad name.

Even so affiliate marketing is still used today successfully for some brands and the method has brought them a lot of success. This method is relatively inexpensive as really only the cost of setup is incurred, only upon results obtained does the company begin any outlay.

Some companies report using affiliate marketing as successful. Companies that are funding affiliate marketing campaigns are finding that con artists are getting involved. Cases, where on some social media services con artists are getting users to fill in fake incentive based surveys and therefore hijacking information. By filling in these fake surveys social users are opening themselves up to all sorts of malicious software. This is becoming a frightening trend as more and more con artists are finding affiliate marketing an easy target.

There are many people that have extremely good words about affiliate marketing. Then there are those that treat it with extreme caution. In this day and age where there are fraudsters and scammers behind almost every key board you cannot be too careful. I would rather miss a so called special offer or gift before surrendering any of my information to anybody. You just cannot be sure who you are dealing with. Even brands that you have known from child hood are being dragged into this unbelievable practice.

We all suffer from marketing overdoses. Every day I find the attractiveness of a desert island very appealing.

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