The best Way of Article writing for Websites

Today i am share with you, How to write article in best way for your blog or website. Usually what mistake a beginner do when he or she start writing article for their website.

1. Not choose a best Title for article/ Or not in a good manner.

2. Bad way to represent their thought in post/content area.

3. Do not use a SEO title

I am not here to write essay. I just explain you how to improve your article writing in best way and it’s also help you to visible your article in search engine result and then people came to your site and enjoy reading you article.

I divide article writing in Four way:

1. Post title,
2. URL of the Post,
3. Post / Content or Article area,
4. SEO title of article.

Step To Improve Article Writing:

1. Post Title:

You have to choose right title according to your article/post. For example; i want to know about the use of SEO plugin for my WordPress site and you have an article about All in one SEO plugin then what title you give for your article

How to use All in one SEO plugin for your WordPress site

All in one SEO plugin to improve your search engine result

See the use of best plugin ‘All in one SEO plugin’

Best way to improve your search result through All in one SEO plugin.

you can use these type of title and many more, rather this simply “All in one SEO”   ….  ……… what ! this is wrong.

And make sure your title have maximum of 60 chars because most of search engines use a max. of 60 chars for the title.

2. URL of the Post:

Usually the URL of your article is default, mean according to you post title But you can change you title URL and use the best keyword for URL from your post  title. But this is not important if your title is good.

For this post i can choose the URL like this: ‘best way of article writing’

mean; ”

3. Content/Article area:

Now as i always say ‘Content is King’. if your article or content is good or unique then no one stopped you for making a popular blog or website. There is a way of writing article in post area. You can use the paragraphs for your article atleast of 3-4 lines. Use the keyword of your title in the first paragraph of your article. Use atleast one image related to your content. Do not make your content like essay because no one like essay, make it easily understandable and that enough for a beginner and as you spend your time on blogging, definitely you improve..!

4. SEO Title:

you can give the SEO title for your post in the End of post “All in one SEO” column. For example: my post title is

“Use All in one SEO plugin to improve your search engine result ”

and what people search in Search Engines:

“How to use All in one SEO plugin and How it work”

Or may be this:

“Best SEO plugins for WordPress Optimization “

you can use any of best title, this is just an example and if your post title is good then no need to make seo title, just past the same title in All in one SEO setting End of your post.                                                                     

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