Do you Buy Facebook Friends?

You think that you have heard it all until you hear this; do you not have enough friends on Facebook? Do you want more? Well, an Australian online marketing company is now offering you the chance to fill your friends list with people you do not know, for a small price. Yes you heard right – you can now buy yourself some friends on Facebook.

Australian online company has offered to supply users with 1000 friends for the low price of only $177 and you can get 10 000 friends or fans for around $1,200. Isn’t that nice of them, exploiting the lonely and vulnerable people of the world? Facebook has warned users that making use of this online marketing company will put them in danger of having their Facebook accounts closed and from being banished from this social network for life.

The violation of this company is that it logs into users’ accounts as them and will then manipulate the account by inviting people as friends and accepting the request without authority from the user. As you can see this cancels out so many of the policies that are put in place to protect users from unwanted people viewing their profiles. CEO of Leon Hill explains that Facebook is an extremely effective marketing tool and they provide you with an instant market to which you can pitch your products or services.

Although most are in agreement that Facebook is a very effective marketing tool, especially for online marketing companies, it does not seem right to give these Online Marketing companies the customers they want for a small fee. Running a business is about working hard to make it a success and although it is true that it is difficult to achieve a large following, it is more worth the while when you know that you have achieved that following on your own. The people that will then follow you are actually people that are interested in your product or service. Having a thousand followers that have been purchased means that there is a chance that you have 1000 uninterested customers.

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