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I realized today, that sometimes when I am referring to the essence of seo and the 3 most important things, I also forgot to mention something, that, before actually starting an SEO campaign, you must first research the market, that you plan to enter. I guess, I just sometimes make assumptions and you should never do that. So, let us explore this topic a little further

, to give you some ideas on where to start your actual market research.

If you know what you are doing, then the 3 critical factors are keyword research, optimizing your content, and getting some quality backlinks. However, if you are brand new to internet marketing and don’t understand, where your actual starting point would be, it then starts with researching your niche market, that you plan to dominate.

Here are a few ideas on how to decide, what to talk about or promote on your Blog.

  • What kind of market are you entering? i.e.: internet marketing, Amazon, eBay, etc? Those are important factors to consider before making a firm stand in your market.
  •  When you watch TV, are you paying attention to what is being advertised or infomercial? Yes, infomercials are big business and they are not paying those big dollars unless they have done some serious research. You could look at what’s hot on TV and constantly being advertised, and do some reviews on those types of products.
  •  When it comes to Amazon, just look at the top trending items. They have a top category for each main section I believe, that will give you tons of new ideas. Just look around for the top-selling items that were just released or look for upcoming new releases of products. Then, you simply do some keyword research and market research to see, how competitive that particular niche market would be.
  •  I would also go over to Google trend. Sometimes if you are quick enough, and something that a lot of people are starting to talk about, you can rank very quickly indeed on page 1. Many internet marketers do this regularly.
  •  Another place that people don’t think about, is head over to places like The shopping channel or QVC and see what is selling there. You can also go and check out other similar types of sites. This is just to get those creative juices flowing. You will have to check it out yourself to see if they offer an affiliate program. I don’t believe I saw any there. The option, check to see what they have, then head over to Amazon to see if they sell it. Most of the time, you will find Amazon has the same item for the best prices.
  •  Ask your spouse or partner, what do they search for online? As well, don’t forget your kids. If you focus on what women and kids buy, there is a gold mine out there waiting for you to tap into. What about cosmetics? There are hundreds of thousands of products in the marketplace you could promote and many of them will have an affiliate program as well.
  •  Of course, there are the usual places like Click Bank – which I really don’t like and try and stay away from. You could look at Commission Junction, Shareasale, etc. There are so many places, where you can become an affiliate, that it will be overwhelming for most new people.
  • You could also look at local places, consumer reports, and what is being advertised in Magazines when you go shopping. When you look at a Magazine at the checkout, see what catches your attention first. Is it the headline, a good-looking woman, or some shiny item that is being advertised? I would even suggest you check out your local Magazine shop or a book place like Chapters. See what’s trending in consumer reports and trade magazines. Oftentimes, those are really good items to rank for because there is little competition.

Now, once you have picked some products and markets to tackle, then it’s time to look at the specific keyword terms and long-tail keyword terms. You need to understand, what is an adequate amount of search volume per month, versus, deciding that something is simply not worth the effort. If you are looking around and need some help with keyword research, then the best research tool, I have found so far,

Micro Niche Finder is still a fine product too, but this is a much more accurate keyword tool. Plus, they rely on the MOZ ranking factors. Don’t believe much of anything in Google’s free keyword tool. It is simply skewed to give higher results for a reason.

I hope you found some value here today, in terms of getting some ideas when you are stuck on where to go, or types of products to look for.

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