What is Web Analytics?

What is Web Analytics? This is concerned with recording, quantifying and interpreting Internet information to achieve the maximum website performance.     A web analytics package makes use of devices known as cookies to store session information each time a user visits a website. Web analytics is also concerned with the storage and catalogue of user IDs, lending valuable insight into the ways in which people interact with a page. In addition to being a means to measuring the traffic of a website, analytics also assists you in gathering market research and provides possible ways to improve e-commerce. The use of cookies is controversial because of privacy concerns. Cookies are often deleted or blocked completely by anti-spyware software.   Web analytics can be divided into on-site and off-site packages. On-site web analytics are the most common and gauge users activities once they have entered your site. Factors that are measured include conversion rates, which is the proportion of visitors that convert casual visits into goals anticipated by website marketers. These goals can be anything from file downloads, the generation of leads, or sales. An analytics package could determine which landing pages are the most successful at generating sales. In other words, the main purpose of on-site analytics is to assess the commercial success of your webpage. Information gathered is generally related to key performance indicators. The insight obtained can greatly improve the performance of a site because you can tweak your content and ad-campaigns towards a specific target audience, thus generating more subscriptions or sales.   Off-site web analytics plans, on the other hand, are involved with the quantification and interpretation of Internet data, irrespective of who owns or manages a domain. The chief concern of off-site analytics is to gauge the degree of potential of a website to attract traffic as well as to asses the level of prominence of in the Internet community.   These days, most online analytics packages combine on-site and off site services, equipping you with the necessary information to improve and maintain your webpage’s performance. Indeed, web analytics is an essential tool the success of any online venture. The data is compared to the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of the website, which is a way to gauge the present level of success. This data is used to improve the functioning of the site software. Insight gathered from the analysis allows you to adjust your content and ad-campaigns, making them more appropriate to your customer’s needs.

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